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  • john vance:

    Hi Brian,
    Tried to contact you at Tezzer Mail Support but couldn’t get through to
    TM Support for some reason.

    Just wanted to thank you immensely for helping me out regarding the spam charges I had leveled at me from GDI.

    GDI decided that with your support and verifi

    Thanks ever so much and may your New Year be very prosperous and filled with happiness.

    Thanks for being there when I needed you.

    John Vance
    Tezzer Mail Member

    • brianr:

      Hi John,
      Sorry for not seeing this sooner. Glad to hear your problem was fixed.

      Glad I could help. You have a great one too.

  • Please tell me why you are not accepting all the surfing I have done on the other required sites, including ‘Hungry for hits’ where I have at least 500 today so far. All the others have been completed as your system instructed.
    Yet You are still not allowing me to activate the bonus on ‘Hungry for hits’

    Please tell me what is the reason
    Thank you for your help
    Sue Goddard

    • brianr:

      Hi Sue,

      Sorry this sat for so long. I don’t know what happened to our notification. However, I can ‘t tell which account that you were using. I see at least 2 different accounts for you. Please send in a ticket with the username that you’re using so we can clean up your accounts. Then I can assist you with this problem.

      You’re most likely not surfing Traffic Splash and Traffic Era with it. They are the core sites now. Plus, if you add the account number for Hungry for Hits in the account that you are using, then the problem should resolve itself.

      All the best,

      Brian R.,
      Support Team

  • i have an account.but i want to start over.i have no referall there is no worry about extra work.please delete my email account. thanks ronald

  • Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for sounding like an idiot. I signed up for TE Command Post right after the launch. At that time I did not get active because the whole system looked too complicated and I was still trying to find my way through a lot of things.

    I did actually start to procrastinate on getting TE Command Post set up but days turned into weeks and weeks to months and this passed weekend I decided it was time to take action and get things done.

    However, I did the basic things but when I got to the bottom of the page and clicked on Commando Surf again I realized why I was procrastinating. In short I just don’t understand!

    Please help. For one How many more sites does one have to join? What is absolutely the essential sites to join and how do I set up this four in one surfing thing.

    I am sorry for sounding stupid but yeah, I know about pitching up tents and training troops and making war and little about the technical integrations in internet marketing. I can though do with help telling me How to do what is necessary to make this work for me to the max.


    Have a Great day


    • Hi again Theuns,

      sorry to hear you encountered troubles.

      When you click the link to the Briefing Room on the left then you can access the whole info again. Or log in to your TECP account and visit the “Commando Surf” page.

      As for the amount of traffic exchanges (short TEs): There are 4 CoreTEs, that’s all you need to make CommandoSurf (short CS) work. Every other TE is optional.

      To set CS up simply click “Get Start Now” in the menu or go there directly:
      Follow the instructions there and you’re all set. As said and as the sync page also shows, only the first 4 TEs are mandatory to make CS work, the rest is optional.
      If you get an Error32 message then simply reload the page.
      Or you can also log in to your TECP account, go to the TrafficExchanges page and enter your referral ids for the CoreTEs there and save your changes, both ways work.

      Once the setup is done you need to surf at least the 4 core exchanges (Traffic-Splash, TezakTrafficPower, DragonSurf and TrafficSwirl) at the same time, plus guest exchanges if you want to use any of them (remember to add their refids to your TECP if you want to add guest exchanges as well).

      So to CommandoSurf make sure your browser is set up to use multiple tabs. Then just open the 4 Core Exchanges + the guest exchange(s) you want to use in seperate tabs and surf one after another and the Commando Surf bonus should become and stay active after 1-2 minutes.

      If it doesn’t become active after some minutes then login to TECP, go to the Traffic Exchanges page and ensure the RefIDs for the Commando Surf exchanges are entered correctly.

      Also ensure you don’t have a second TECommandPost account, it only works properly with the TECP account where you saved your refids for the CS TEs. Same goes for the TE accounts, ensure you actually surf the ones entered in your TECP.

      FYI, as the page says at the top, the best and fastest way to reach us is our support desk:

      Have a great day Theuns πŸ™‚

      All the Best,
      ~ Robby

  • I want to know when I go commando none of the sites
    activate the % of activate. They always clam that not active.
    Today I got one to activate that is Splash-surfing.
    Let me know what I’m doing wrong.
    Thanks Barb

    • Hi Barbara,

      Sorry but it looks like you read that wrong. You didn’t have Traffic Swirl sync’d too, so none of the bonuses could have been active. Please be sure to surf all 4 of the core sites: Traffic Splash, Dragon Surf, Tezak Traffic Power, and Traffic Swirl.

      Add your account number to the Traffic Swirl entry in Traffic Exchanges in TE Command Post. Then start surfing all four and you should see the bonus for each of them by the time you surf all of them 5-10 times.

      If you need any more assistance, you can reach Support at .

      All the best,

      Brian R.,
      Support Team

  • Hi James,

    I just surfed your accounts for Traffic Splash, Dragon Surf, and Tezak Traffic Power. I linked them with my account for Traffic Swirl and surfed there too. I had all the bonuses going within 5 pages surfed of each.

    I’ve switched the Traffic Swirl refid in your account back to your refid for Traffic Swirl that you had in there. Please double check that refid with your Traffic Swirl account. If that’s the correct refid, then your Commando Surf should start up within the first 4-5 surfs for all of them.

    If you decide to toss all this, it’s up to you. I heartily suggest that you don’t. These are great TEs to have in your arsenal and Commando Surf makes it even better getting your credits built up.

    Also, please use the Support ticket system in the future. It’s easier and much more effective for us to help you from there. You can get there from this URL:

    All the best,

    Brian R.,
    Support Team

    • I copied a screen shot of what I am talking about…I have NO idea what YOU are talking about…All I know is when I surf on Traffic Swirl, I don’t get my 35% TE Commando bonus like I thought I would get…No problem…I will opt out of those sites you had me sign up on and tell everyone else not to sign up on them…If it looks and smells like a scam, IT’S A SCAM

      • Hi James,

        As I said before, you have to tab surf ALL 4 of the sites at the SAME time to get the Commando Surf bonus on ANY and ALL of them. A screen shot of Traffic Swirl not showing the bonus only means that you aren’t surfing the other 3 as well OR have the wrong refid for Traffic Swirl on your TE page. (Since I surfed your other 3 and confirmed that they work for the bonus.)

        It may help to clear your cache and cookies. Otherwise, you can surf the sites or not. We’re not twisting anybody’s arm. Just trying to help you out.

        Also, please use the Support ticket system in the future. It’s easier and much more effective for us to help you from there. You can get there from this URL:

        All the best,

        Brian R.,
        Support Team

  • Hello. I followed the directions on Traffic Swirl to get the extra credits. I really like the sites I had to sign up for, but I am still not getting the extra credits on Traffic Swirl. Can you check to see if I missed something? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi James,

      You need to surf at least the 4 core exchanges (Traffic-Splash, TezakTrafficPower, DragonSurf and TrafficSwirl) at the same time, plus guest exchanges if you want to use any of them.

      Please surf just those 4 core sites 4 or 5 times through the set of tabs. They should all show as active by then. After they all show as active you will be able to add the others and they should sync right away.

      Across the page active % then 0 bonus the 0 bonus is an upgraded extra as long as the first has your percentage and says active you are receiving the bonus. (If you are upgraded in TECP, you’ll see at least 10% as the extra bonus.)

      If it doesn’t become active after some minutes then login to TECP, go to the Traffic Exchanges page and ensure the RefIDs for the Commando Surf exchanges are entered correctly.

      Have a great day. πŸ™‚

      Best Regards,

      Brian R.,
      Support Team

  • Commando post says that password To Zaney Clicks is incorrect but I am logging into Zaney. I am not getting any extra points for surfing commando

    • Hi Dolores,

      sorry for this.
      There’s something wrong with Zaney Clicks’ TECP script and some other TEs on the newest LFMTE software.
      Tim is working on it and we will send out emails to the members once it’s fixed for good.

      Have a great day Dolores πŸ™‚

      All the Best,
      ~ Robby

  • I think there is a glitch on your Help webpage. Every time I try to go there, I am immediately redirected to another page.

    I need help retrieving my password. I no longer have access to the email I used when I signed up. Is there a way to reset my email and my password and keep the same user name? Or do I need to sign up with a completely new account?


  • when I promote the commando banners and splash pages where do i find my ID to put after the = in the link?

  • i joined commando surf followed step 1 to 3 but on the 4th (dragon surf) i was asked for my site name and url, what will i fill it with? thank u.

    • Captain Commando:

      Hi Peter,

      welcome aboard!

      That’s where you enter the link you want to advertise here. Your own site, a affiliate page, whatever you like (as long as it’s not against our terms of course).
      The name of the site is just for your reference, so you can name it however you want.
      You can change all this again later in the members area if you want to.

      FYI, the best and fastest way to reach us for DS issues is our support desk there:

      Have a great day Peter πŸ™‚

      Best Regards,
      ~ Robby
      Support Team

  • Seems like my Tezak account has been shut down. I was surfing and I got a message that it has been suspended. I have had this account for some time . I would like to know why it was shut down at least.

    • Hi Pete,

      Sorry for the delay.

      I can’t seem to locate your account from your name in here. I do see one possible account in the listings for accounts that haven’t been completely reverified after the email has been changed.

      Please open a ticket in TTP so we can confirm that that is your account. (You can access the ticket system from the HELP or Contact buttons on the top of the login page.)

      All the best,

      Brian R.

  • Mark Wieneke:

    hi June, I just surfed some pages in traffic splash tezak traffic power
    and dragon surf and they are synced up for you now. So I do not know what the problem was.

  • Mark Wieneke:

    Hi June can you send us a support ticket at TE command post please? This way we will be able to see all your account information
    and be able to find and fix the problem. here is the link

    sorry for the delay

  • I joined TEcommand post on april 5.

    Thought I set everything up okay- but when surf the 3, tezak, splash,dragon still do not get extra bonus. Right now have surfed at least 10 pages in all 3 and still not active.

    What have I not done correctly.

  • Mark Wieneke:

    No Herb, I wanted you to send a support ticket so I could tell you that you are not receiving your bonus at high hits because you have not put your referal ID in that exchange in the traffic exchange list at6
    TE Command Post after you do that it will sync for you and you will be able to get those bonus credits too.

    I hope this helps.

    Support Team

  • Herb Bell:

    Is this where you wanted me to post a support ticket so you could se my account stuff?

    I’m the one who hasn’t been getting the bonus credits on High Hits.


    Herb Bell

  • mark wieneke:

    Hi Herb,
    Can you send us a support ticket
    at te command post the link is available at the top of this page
    this is it below

    We will be able to see all your account info this way
    and will be able to find a problem if there is one in your account

  • Herb Bell:

    Followup re High Hits…

    Third day in a row I received no bonus credits for High Hits when surfing GoCommando.

    I have gone through the sync process twice with High Hits and still no bonus credits.

    And unless I’ve overlooked it, I haven’t seen a reply to my prior support ticket re High Hits.


    Herb Bell

  • mark wieneke:

    Hi Gary, can you go to the top of this page
    and fill out a support ticket? Then we will be
    able to see your account info and get you set up


  • Gary:

    I have surfed the required sites within the required time and and yet my bonus activity is not active,HOW COME and the sites were Dragon surf Traffic splash and tezack traffic

  • mark wieneke:

    Hi Logan, can you just scroll to the top of this page
    click on contact us this way we will be able to see
    your account information and see what is wrong

    Thank you
    Support Team

  • Logan Badger:

    I just left a reply to check if I set this up, so I might be repeating this step so I;m going to check my credits at TE Command Post and surf some more so I might actually be able to check on it myself but as far as I can tell I’m not getting the bonus.


  • Logan Badger:

    Hi ,
    I don’t think I’m receiving the extra credits when I surf, I’m almost positive I followed instructions, I’ll surf some more but I keep seeing on the pages the% fluctuate so not really sure if I’m getting them also this is second time I had to update my Id’s on my Downline referrals, I did not see a save button though so I’m sending this to you to help my self and to inform you or I guess a heads up of sorts….


  • Thank you for the help with my ID in the set up, I have checked all the ID’s and they are correct but still am not able to get the bonus. And since I am not alone in this matter I don’t think it is me.

    Thank you

  • mark wieneke admin:

    Hi Don, you can join in TE Command Post under traffic exchanges
    or from one of the downline builders in either of the traffic exchanges
    that you already belong to.

    You do not need to make your passwords all the same you just need to add them once to the form of the sites you belong to.
    This way the system can go in and get your credit information for you.

    Support Team

    • hello, i cant access step 7. the next button not highlighted. also open all sites only opens traffc splash on my end. thankx bobby lee

      • Brian Rickert:

        Hi Bobby,

        You had your old username of your email address as the saved referral ID for Traffic Splash in the TE listings in TECP. I’ve changed it to the current username/referral ID.

        Try it again now.

        All the best,

        Brian R.,
        Support Team

  • Don Leithoff:

    Wish to be member of your 4 top exchanges, but am confused as to simply enter my name. I belong to Traffic Splash and Tezak link. I just changed my password to conform with Commando Surf to reduce some confusion.

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