Briefing Room

G’day Soldier and welcome to the briefing room.

Grab your canteen, have a seat and listen up. This here is Commando Surf, and, should you choose to accept, your mission now is to get the most benefit out of every single page you surf.

Two of the Internet’s most exciting traffic exchanges have joined forces to help you along on your mission. These are no fly by night exchanges that are here one day and gone the next. These are two of the highest decorated in the whole history of traffic exchanges.

Commando Surf rewards you when you surf both sites together. This is made real easy by connecting you through TE Command Post.

All you have to do to get more credits for every click in both exchanges is sync up with TE Command Post account just once, then you’re set for life! Our state of the art system will detect that you are surfing both sites together and increase your surf ratio immediately.

All that’s left to do is surf and enjoy all those extra credits.

BUT! It gets even better….

We have Allied up with a dozen or so quality traffic exchanges so you can grab extra credits there too.  And…

Every week we feature the top performing Allies on our StrikeForce Splash so you can build your downlines the fast easy way. Grab your copy from the Viral Commando Page


All Commando Surf Exchanges gave a commitment to give you at least 10% extra credits at all times, but it doesn’t stop there. We can give you even more extra credits any time we wish. An extra 5%, 10%, 50%, 100%, 200%. However much we like!

So, be sure to check your communication channels (our emails and this blog) as there will be times of increased ratios and special prizes that you do not want to miss. Every day we publish an updated list of today’s bonuses right on this page to bookmark.

Now I know you are excited to embark on your mission so let’s get you started the fast easy way. Let’s Go Commando!


UPDATE FIVE DAYS IN: If by any chance you’re not getting the extra credits after a few pages surfing please just send in a support ticket to TE Command Post and we’ll get you going. Several hundred members are now Going Commando without difficulty and there are no known bugs in the system.

So, please try surfing a few pages in each exchange before getting worried. Sometimes the sync takes a little while first time around and if your extra bonus is still not active after a short surf please click on the Help button on the top left of this blog – or go to the help desk for any of our exchanges. Thanks.

36 Responses to “Briefing Room”

  • Lww:

    Hi can anyone help, please?
    I have gone through all the steps of connecting to the surf sites then you press next and a pop up says to surf on each site once and then after 90 seconds it will start commando surf.

    its been open for a few hours now yes nothing is happening!

    • brianr:

      HI LWW,

      Sorry for the long delay in replying. Continue to surf the sites, tab by tab. Sometimes the bonus comes up early, sometimes a little later, but you must continue to surf for the bonus to show.

      All the best,

      Brian R.

  • Thanks for all the informations

  • Hi
    I think it is one of the best traffic I find.
    Best regards

  • Definitely a great way to earn extra credits to your surfing

  • Thanks for the opportunity to make use of your program

  • Thank you for helping me

  • I am just borne in this business venture. Please feed me with nutritious
    information to grow strong and mighty.

  • William Wck Kline:

    I’ll try like 25 30 see how it goes that’s fair right

  • I have logged into the above website successfully but when I came back to your site it came up with an error message No 32 whatever that means please explain?

    • brianr:

      Hi Susan,

      Sorry about that and sorry for the incredibly long delay in replying. That’s a temporary problem with the script. You just need to refresh the page and it will clear. Otherwise, if you fill in your IDs on the Traffic exchanges page, you can just start surfing and the bonus will kick in. (Make sure you’re surfing Traffic Splash and Traffic Era as those are the core sites.)

      All the best,

      Brian R.

  • Faiza Anees:

    Hey, I am new to internet marketing and enjoying Multiple Tab Surfing, Sometimes there is a site which you are already a member, so instead wasting your time to view that side, i move forward to look Another one! I Love The Idea Of Multiple TE Surfing 🙂

  • Hi Albert,

    sorry to hear you’re having troubles.

    There’s no Hoopla to go through to benefit from this free service.
    You set it up once and then you simply log in to the Traffic Exchanges you want to surf and click their links to start surfing them. Simple as that.
    You can also bookmark their surf links, for example in group1 group2 and so on folders, and then you can just open a group by right-clicking the bookmark folder in question and select Open in Tabs.

    Have a great day Albert 🙂

    Happy Splashing!
    ~ Robby

  • Albert Hale:

    Last night I was able to surf without going through all THE HOOPLA,
    That is why I am here to build credits so that I can give and get referrals.

    Now when I press the COMMANDO SURF link all I get is another DAMN PAGE so that I can not break out and SURF Every second I am online before and after the work a files get on is another point I lose.

    Please tell me/ SHOW ME how to go DIRECTLY to SURF.
    THAT is why I am Here !!

  • Captain Commando:

    Hi Kathleen,

    Sorry, you can not, you must surf all 4 of the core commando surf sites to sync and receive your bonuses.
    I believe this is an error, I have surfed there everyday with no problems.
    We have only heard from a couple members with this question.
    It may be a notification setting in your browser setting.

    ~ mark
    support team

  • Kathleen Escalera:

    I am trying to get set up but I cannot do traffic swirl because my computer says it is not safe and I should not go there. Can I bypass that for now and do another one?

  • I continue to not receive my bonus on Traffic Swirl. I wish you could help me figure this out. Thank you 🙂

  • Captain Commando:

    Hi AdHi,

    We have checked your account and see your TEs are synced
    Can you do me a favor?
    Can you only surf the 4 Core exchanges first until you show the bonus active
    This first time it is the easiest way to sync.
    Traffic Splash, Tezak Traffic Power, Dragon Surf and Traffic Swirl

    After that all will sync much faster as long as the correct referral Id is entered in your account.

    Here is the link to tickets
    You can click on the help tab top left of this page.

    if it does not work after a little while (5 times through) please send us a ticket. This way we will have access to all your account info to help.

    support group

  • I have “Sync” with all the web site (register, surf 10 and more, add the my link/id to TE command list, but the Bonus still not activate… can someone help me ??


  • Tom:

    I was wondering if this whole command surf idea is ruining the effectiveness of getting sign ups. I can’t tell because I collect credits for an ad co-op only. I mean in general. I remember when I first started with Easyhits4u. I did pay attention of the sites visited as they have 20sec timer. Then I joined to commando and realised that Swirl even has a constant turbo surf mode with about 4 sec timer and then started multiple surfing where I don’t even see the texts and banners neither any more because of the speed and sometimes even miss my bonuses sometimes I realise it in the last sec when I just press the ikon for getting the next page. Well I don’t know..

    • Captain Commando:

      Hi Tom,

      I do not believe so. With Commando surf you are surfing at least 4 tabs. Just like most tabs surfers.
      By the time you go around to the 4th tab even if it has a 15 second time you would be able to move on after clicking the matching icon.
      So your view time is near the same time most others view your site anyway. A 4 sec timer would not seem to effect a tab surfer at all. So, the advertising principal should remain the same.

      • Tom:

        Hi Captain :),

        I mean if I move on after clicking the matching icon, I don’t even
        see the next site. (that is exactly zero sec on that site) 🙂

        I only pay attention on the next site when I go around and get there again (In my experience it lasts about 0.5 sec :))

        When I get there it’s not about viewing the site it’s rather to search for the correct icon to click on. This is far less then 20 sec. But thats me. Others could be worse as I saw tab surfing tutorials as well (TE browser video I believe) saying something like: “if you want to be effective surfer try not to stop at different sites to check out, try to collect as much credits as possible the shortest time possible”.
        This is my main reason to collect these quick credits for ad co-op so my ads will be seen on those other TEs where there is no tab surfing and turbo surfing activated 🙂

        But I definitely will do some further testing to prove that if i’m wrong.

        • Hey Tom, Paul here 🙂
          You’re raising valid points there. I personally prefer surfing in a single tab these days but that isn’t how the vast majority of TE users surf. I started back in 2006 and can tell you tab surfing was the norm back then too.

          The key thing is for owners and other surfers to encourage “responsible surfing” Trying to gather credits as fast as possible *shouldn’t* be the objective and just because a timer has stopped it does not automatically mean a surfer has to click to see the next site immediately.

          I’ve always gotten heaps of cool ideas from actually looking at the websites being advertised. It’s a fantastic swipe file to see good and bad examples of how to advertise your business. It’s the main reason I still love surfing myself.

          We don’t encourage members to use TE Browser or similar (there’s a newer one which actively forces users not to view sites!) and we’re not awash with crazy prizes designed to encourage huge amounts of fast surfing. Our sites have always been about balancing the type of traffic we supply and I hope/expect you’ll find response rates here above average.

          I can’t guarantee that for every member and every ad they use obviously, results vary for a lot of different reasons, but hopefully your test will prove our balance gives you good response too.

          We shall see! I’d love to hgear jhow you get on.

          Best of luck with your ads!

  • Ian:

    I am trying to go comando but Solo Matic is not working so I cant get any further….

    • mark wieneke:

      Hi Ian,

      You should make sure your referral ID is correct under the traffic exchange section of your Traffic Command Post account.
      If it is and you are still having problem, you can still surf there as
      well. You just would not be getting your CS bonus there.

      As long as you are surfing the core 4 TEs your bonuses should be fine. Traffic Splash, Tezak Traffic Power, Dragon Surf and Traffic Swirl at the same time All should be well

      ~ mark
      support team

  • Hi Zazarin,

    You need to surf the core 4 exchanges at the same time to receive the bonus %

    Traffic Splash, Tezak Traffic Power, Dragon Surf and Traffic Swirl

    Any additional exchanges are your preference.

    Customer Care

  • Zazarin:

    Among the list of TE in commando surf, how could I reject the one I am not in favour.


  • Hi Dave,

    Sorry to hear that. Traffic Swirl consistently has lots of new members each week. That’s one of the factors I’m always looking for to get results. Maybe try some simple “ugly” splashes there?

    All the best,

    Brian R.

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