Bonus Alert [September 16th, 2015]

G’day, as usual all our Commando Surf exchanges are giving away at least 10% extra credits today. The BIG question of the day is…

Do you want to max out your Commando Surf bonuses and get even more credits for your clicks?
Silly question huh?

Here’s your daily update showing you where you can grab the best bonuses today. First up is….

Remember, you earn Commando Surf bonuses when surfing our four core sites and any other guest exchange. Our four core sites are Dragonsurf, Tezak Traffic Power, Traffic-Splash and TrafficSwirl.


Grab 35% Extra Today!
List Surfing

Grab 25% Extra Today!
Fast Easy Traffic

Grab 10% Extra Today!
Dragon Surf

Grab 10% Extra Today!
Tezak Traffic Power

Grab 10% Extra Today!
Traffic Swirl

Grab 10% Extra Today!

And next up….

This list shows you who is paying out more than the “basic” 10% extra today.

SoloMatic Traffic

Grab 50% Extra Today!
Bellas Click Shack

Grab 50% Extra Today!

Grab 35% Extra Today!
1 Modern Solution

Grab 35% Extra Today!
Traffic At The Races

Grab 35% Extra Today!
Live Traffic Network

Grab 25% Extra Today!
Hot Flash Hits

Grab 15% Extra Today!
Traffic Speedway

Grab 11% Extra Today!

NOTE: these bonuses are correct as of 4am Eastern today (minus 5 GMT). All owners can set up their bonuses in advance so there shouldn’t be any changes today (in theory) but we can’t give a 100% promise there won’t be!

Oh, and these are the max percents. Sometimes owners will give away a variable percentage – the biggest example is when we run Crazy Commando Surf Weekends – where we could for example give away between 50% and 150% bonus per page all weekend. Crazy indeed!

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