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List Surfing

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SWAT Traffic

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Hungry For Hits

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Wizard Of Hits

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Grab 40% Extra Today!

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Dragon Surf

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Surfing With The Oldies

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Just Good Traffic

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Tezzers Traffic Power

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Elevated Traffic

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Hot Flash Hits

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Traffic Speedway

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Boot Scootin Traffic

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Zaney Clicks

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Farm Traffic

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TE Search

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SurfAholics TE

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84 Responses to “Today’s Bonuses”

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  • Commando Surf Adds Another Traffic Exchange | Tony Tezak Says…….:
    October 5, 2011 at 3:19 pm
    […] Commando Surf’s CORE AND FEATURED EXCHANGES Remember, you earn Commando Surf bonuses when surfing our three core sites and any other guest exchange. Our three core sites are Dragon Surf, Tezak Traffic Power and Traffic-Splash. […]

  • porque no aparece para inciar sesion o no estoy tomado en este programa gracias

    • Brian Rickert:

      HI Rafael,

      Sorry but I’m not quite sure what you mean. Google Translator shows your entry as this: “because it does not appear to be logged or I’m not taken in this program thanks”.

      Please reply back in English so we may help you. The best thing to do is to send us, in English, a ticket at TE Command Post here:

      All the best,

      Brian R.,
      Support Team

  • diy home improvements:

    What’s up, I wish for to subscribe for this website to get newest updates, so where can i do it please help.

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  • Ed:

    Hiya Folks,

    Way to go Commando Surf, just love surfing the Dragon, and the many other great traffic exchanges out there for the bonuses….


  • […] Surf the 3 Core TEs – Traffic-Splash, Dragon Surf and TTP – and get 100% Extra Credits. Yep, 100% EXTRA CREDITS at TEs shown here… Commando Surf Daily Bonuses […]

  • Hiya Guys,
    I must be a terrible hunter too 🙁
    almost 150 pages on Dragon Surf & the only Turkeys I’ve seen are the ones on the Ads saying they are here/there 🙁
    Sheesh… I can hunt Caribou & Moose but the Turkeys are defeating me!
    doesn’t matter tho cause I’m just Loving the new look at Dragon and Yaaayyyyy the Surfbar doesn’t move anymore!! 😉
    Great New Look Guys 🙂

  • Hey Guys,
    What a great way to celebrate…125% bonus woot woot

    And the new Dragon’s Den is just great. It’s easy to navigate and everything seems to be in order. In just 24hrs!!!!

    You guys really rocked it this time.

    Just want to mention that all my sites were paused so I encourage every1 to check theirs and make sure they are not paused.

    Have a great surf day all

    • Hi Doug,

      Thanks for the great praise from the crew.

      The website and text ads that didn’t have any credits/impressions assigned were paused in the process. So nobody’s active ads were affected. You will need to unpause them when you add credits/impressions to them though.

      Have a great Commando Surf day!

      ~Brian R.,
      Support Team

    • P.S. All the paused sites/ads have been unpaused now. 🙂

  • Commando Surf is an awesome way to get those extra credits we all desire! Thanks for setting this up and making it available to all…

    Keep up the good work!


  • This is how you take command of your Traffic Exchange credits.
    Go Commando Today!!

  • […] You can always find what each traffic exchange in Commando Surf is giving for extra credits by visiting the Today’s Bonus Blog. […]

  • […] Tuesday is normally 35% Commando Surf, but during July each Tuesday will be… 14% Minimum and Maximum 44% extra credits with every […]

  • I just went commando, everybody’s doing it!

    Time you got in and got dirty too!

    And it’s all free..

  • Hallo ,
    Really interesting .can you help me see if my Commando surfing works?How do i know?I made 3 accounts and surf but how i see the extra credits?
    Thanks .

    • Hi Dionisis,

      First, the three accounts that you are surfing in must be Traffic Splash, Dragon Surf, and Tezak Traffic Power for the Commando Surf to start working (everytime). You can add more Commando Surf sites if you like as long as you surf at least those three.

      Each site shows the bonus and whether it’s active or not plus the percentage you’re receiving.

      For Traffic-Splash, you’ll see something like this in the center of the surfbar “10% + 10% Bonus Active”.

      For Tezaktrafficpower, you’ll see something like this on the top right of the surf page “10% + 10% Active”.

      For DragonSurf, you’ll see something like this in the center left of the surfbar below the credits you received from your click “10% + 10% Bonus Active”.

      The credits are automatically added with the credits that you earn while you surf.

      (The extra percentage shown in the display is for if you are upgraded at that site.)

      If the bonuses aren’t showing as active, then try the Commando Surf page in TECommandPost again. Otherwise, you can contact us at:

      All the best,

      Brian R.,

  • Hey Jim,

    You still need to surf Dragon Surf, TTP & Traffic Splash to get the bonus. I maybe wrong, but it sounds as if you are only surfing Traffic Splash. If you are surfing all 3, surf about 10 sites at each, it should kick-in.

  • Jim:

    “Today’s bonuses” do not reflect the new 35% per day per single base TE.

    Today is wednesday, so traffic splash is supposed to be an extra 35%, right?

    • Hey Jim,

      You still need to surf Dragon Surf, TTP & Traffic Splash to get the bonus. I maybe wrong, but it sounds as if you are only surfing Traffic Splash. If you are surfing all 3, surf about 10 sites at each, it should kick-in.

    • Hi Jim,

      Since you never responded back to Wade, I hope that you received his information. It’s correct, you still must surf all 3 of the core TEs (Dragon Surf, Tezak Traffic Pro, and Traffic Splash) to get the 35% percentage for each one each day.

      Here’s our weekly Commando Surf Schedule for the extra 35% again:

      Monday – Dragon Surf has a 35% Commando Surf Bonus!
      Tuesday – Tezak Traffic Power has a 35% Commando Surf Bonus!
      Wednesday – Traffic-Splash has a 35% Commando Surf Bonus!
      Thursday – Fast Easy Traffic has a 35% Commando Surf Bonus!
      Friday – Blue-Surf has a 35% Commando Surf Bonus!

      All the Best,

      Brian R.

      • Jim:


        I appreciate your reply, but your reply was not at all related to my comment. Neither was Wade’s reply. I am not having a problem getting the commando bonus, and that is completely irrelevant anyway. I’ll re-word my original comment though, because I obviously did a poor job with my original message’s wording.

        When you look at this page; that is, when you see the ‘today’s bonuses’ that are listed on this page, there are several TEs that you can see the TE Command bonuses for. At the top of this page, where the [size 125] banners are. It shows that today you get a 10% bonus at TEs that you actually get a 35% bonus at.

        Today, being Wednesday, and ONLY as an example and NOT reflecting any troubles that I may or may not be having, the banner for Traffic-Splash shows that today, this Wednesday, you get a 10% bonus. However, as stated in your comment, because of the fact that today is Wednesday, it is actually a 35% bonus that you receive.

        • Hi Jim,

          Sorry for the misdirection. In answer to your original question, the percentages for the sites is normally 10 percent. That’s what is set up for the default. Any other percentages that our sites choose are only published in the emails. So even though these percentages are pretty much set, they’re only communicated through emails.

          All the best,

          Brian R.,

  • Mark:

    Commando Surf? Do we have to surf in just are pants, thats cool!!!

    Ummm, just given me an idea for a new splash.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Mark,

      Ummm, what you wear while surfing is your choice. But don’t forget–This isn’t show and tell! LOL

      And please keep the splash page rate PG!!

      Enjoy your surfing,

      Brian R.,

  • Zaidi:

    Congratulation,,,,, great achievement and great access to the standards of sharing successes,,, (TE COMMAND POST),,,,,, is the evidence that demonstrates that the ways that lead to the visions of the future internet world, are itinerary, that any person who believes in a union and sharing of successes and proceed to use, thank you, dear friends, Scott and Paul,,,,,, and I apologize because I participated in for free, because I can not pay a registration fee, and because in Algeria, it is forbidden to transfer money to a foreign country (this is funny),,,,,,, after several vertices internet,,, I do not know when (the programs are really opening), they will be open.,,, .. and when access to the programs will be real.,,,, thank you again, great success and lots of openings and great achievements.

    • Captain Commando:

      Hi Zaidi,
      We are glad you are enjoying it!
      It does seem when a bunch of us get together the
      surfers win too.


  • Hi “Oneputra59”,

    Just join by clicking on theTE Command Post icon right under the join button and send us a ticket and let us know what you’d like help with. We’d be glad to help.

    All the best,

    ~Brian R.

  • oneputra59:

    I still have much to learn 🙂

  • Mark Wieneke:

    Hi Hendrik,

    We are glad you are enjoying it!


  • Plenty of variety and loads to choose from. Thanks

  • This is Great guys!! Thanks for Everything you do for your members!! You guys are why TECP has loyal members 🙂

  • Judi:

    Paul…I have been surfing for months now and followed the instructions above for Commando surfing, but cannot see the link you are speaking of? I have set up the sync page and surf them all. No bonuses on my Hit Safari page, what am I doing wrong? Thank you and I wish everyone a great 4th.

    • Hi Judi,

      Sorry to hear that. Please submit a support request through TECommandPost so we can get your account information and get your Commando Surf working as soon as possible.

      You can access the ticket system thru the Contact button on the login page or the Help button after you login. Here’s the link for the login page:

      All the best,

      Brian Rickert,
      Support Team

  • Lasier:

    How do you take advantage of “Today’s Bonuses” because I can not find how to sync up with the sites above, (i.e., Hit Safari)?

    I’d appreciate some input. Otherwise, this is great!

    • Hi Lasier
      All you need to do is start surfing at Hit Safari, after the start page you’ll see the Commando Surf link (says x% Bonus Inactive)

      Just click on that and it’ll take you to the sync page.

      Happy Surfing!

  • Hi,
    Thought I’d do something different and take a day off Commando surfing…what a mistake…felt like something was missing all day!

    It’s part of the plan now, Power Commando Surfing, every day.

    Thanks for always keeping the surf crisp, clean and free of ‘trash’. Oh yeah, this page is great too for easy reference to highest credits…luv it!

    Doug [justasurfer]

  • My first day with Soaring4Traffic. Came across some inetresting looking sites that make surfing quite fun

    • Brian Rickert:

      Hi Hendrik,

      Glad to hear your surfing is fun. And also glad to hear that you are viewing the other members’ sites. That’s what traffic exchange surfing is all about.

      Commando Surf is here to help you get more credits for your efforts while viewing the sites. So much the better when the efforts are fun. 🙂

      All the best,

      ~Brian R.,
      Support Team

  • H great I use this amazing service every day!
    thank you guy’s
    have a great day

    • Brian Rickert:

      Hi Gunnar,

      Great to hear it! I hope you’re getting lots of extra credits on today’s “Give It Your All” Sunday.

      ~Brian R.,
      Support Team

  • […] we have 100% extra credits with every click at Commando Surf, plus an April Show of Nickels on the Bonus […]

  • Brian Rickert:

    Hi Nirmala,

    Glad you found it! Enjoy it all you want.

    Brian Rickert,
    Support Team

  • Hello Just out of curiosity clicked and glad i found this page! Just tweeted!Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this Bonus! Looks great!

  • […] Snyder’s Horror Movie Hits was just added to Commando Surf. So that means you can now earn 10% extra credits with every click while surfing it in Commando […]

  • Horror Movie Hits is honored to be added to Commando Surf. A big thank you to Paul Kinder for accepting me and to Tim Rash for setting me up technically. You guys rock.

  • Brian Rickert:

    Hi Joao,

    Sorry but you’ll need to write in English so we can understand you. It looks like maybe you are asking how it works? If so, then click on the “Briefing Room” button up top.

    If you are not yet a member of TECommandPost, then go here to join: .

    Or, if you just need help in setting it up and/or making it work for you, then send us a ticket here:

    All the best,

    Brian Rickert,
    Support Team

  • Realmente este programa funciona.

  • Wow, I’m bookmarking this site…Thank u. Makes my daily schedule easier.
    Come and see my site???

    konnektions kosultant

  • fh:

    Really Nice, good luck!!

  • All the Best!
    Radivoj Polovina Rapo

  • You gotta love a good Birthday Party, so Happy Birthday to Live Traffic Network and I’m off to surf!…:)

  • Gret time to gain many hits for our website links 🙂

  • Looking forward to a great surf session, then watching the Super Bowl at my home in Indy…been a little crazy here the past few days!

  • Commando Surf offers a terrific service that lets you make instant cosmic traffic with all your favorite business.

  • This is wikid innit? Bewdy bonzer!
    Good in any language.

  • […] of the multiple promo’s and partipcipation in CommandoSurf even free members enjoy great traffic from this […]

  • Yes, Command surf is the best thing going…So many more credits with less effort…Thanks to all the participating sites for making it Alot more fun, easy, and competitive…I love surfing all day, and now I really love it.

  • Combined surfing like this is great for the extra credits and there are even ‘groups’ included so the credits grow very rapidly.
    This is a great idea and a super great way to build downlines and get even more credits.

    Kudos to Tony and the rest of the crew

  • Yeeee Haaaaa! SWAT has Gone Commando! I’ve been using TECP since it launched and use the site checker on my own site.
    Great to be here looking forward to working with all these great people even More!

    Thanks for having us here we love Going Commando!

  • Just love what you’re doing for all us members. Been using and referring to TECP since it launched. Now every time you add a new TE to Commando Surf… I get automatic referrals in those TEs… auto-magically!

  • […] Commando Surf’s CORE AND FEATURED EXCHANGES Remember, you earn Commando Surf bonuses when surfing our three core sites and any other guest exchange. Our three core sites are Dragon Surf, Tezak Traffic Power and Traffic-Splash. […]

  • I can really recommend TE Commando Surf. A great way to build Traffic Fast. I like the Facebook share option too.

    Happy surfing to all

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