Find The Leprechaun 2016

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***This event has concluded, we hope you enjoyed it :)***
Can you find the leprechaun and steal a piece of his pot of gold? TE Command Post has joined forces with 4 hot traffic exchanges to make promoting your biz fun and rewarding! All you need is a little bit of luck and you’ll be scoring real cash prizes every time you find a leprechaun hiding in the surf bars…

Here’s how it works:

How to Find the Leprechaun

Super simple… from March 14-18 pay extra attention while surfing Traffic-Splash, Fast Easy Traffic, Tezak Traffic Power and Dragon Surf and look for the leprechaun. When you find him, he will award you a prize!

Every day the leprechaun will be hoarding lots of Cash Prizes!

If you find him he HAS to give you one of his prizes and yes, you can find him more than once! Just keep your eyes out for the little fella’ and surf to win!

This Event is Sponsored by TE Command Post, and you need to be a member of TE Command Post to claim the Cash Prizes.
When you click on a Leprechaun you will be taken to TE Command Post to claim your Prize. Find any Leprechaun and win a Penny! Collect all Leprechauns and you can win a Random Cash Prize.
Again, all Prize money is added to your TE Command Post account.

But don’t go yet… here’s how you can win even MORE…

Bring Your Friends And Get MORE…

There’s strength in numbers, and when you get your friends chaising the leprechauns with you… you’ll get the same prizes they get every time THEY find a leprechaun… even if they’re already a member! Just use your special link provided below to convince your friends to come join the chase and watch how fast the prizes start stacking up! Remember you’ve only got until March 18 to find as many leprechauns as you can…

Join and surf Traffic-Splash here.

Join and surf Fast Easy Traffic here.

Join and surf Tezak Traffic Power here.

Join and surf Dragon Surf here.

We’ve put together some special promotional material to help you gather your friends, and get you racking up those prizes on the double! Use these to recommend all of the sites above at once… with YOUR referral links embedded!

In the links below, please replace “YOURTECPUSERNAME” with your TE Command Post username.

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